Mary  is both professional and exuberant in her energy work. She made me feel  relaxed and comfortable through the whole process of saging and  vibrational raising . 

Being  the mother of two energetic little boys, I often feel zapped by mid  day, but for several days after Mary's session I felt great and could  keep up and stay present with them until bedtime. 

Becky Holland.  Norwich VT


 I  was given Mary's name by a friend for a spiritual reading. She came into  my home with such a kind open energy, I felt so very comfortable and at  ease as she started to proceed with her gift of  insight, she hit some  subjects right on! But the greatest surprise was the Sage Clearing she did  on me outside after our session. I was  barefoot standing in the dirt  and she lite her SAGE and proceeded to  clear any negative energies, this  was a first for me, I was not  expecting it. Moments into this practice,  I  believe I started to feel at  peace and very lightened and as if things  were rising up and out. I  felt a happiness just flow through me. The  most obvious thing I felt  was high energy, almost like I was gliding. It  lasted the afternoon but  what was cool was in the following weeks I  continued to feel more  joyous and things seemed to fall into place a  little easier. I found it  to be a very fun, out there, energetic and  stimulating thing to have  done.   

 Jayne Melahn Lebanon NH     


I use my hands and wrists all day long at the office and they hurt by the end of the day.  When Mary tapped my wrists then put her healing hands on them, they immediately stopped hurting and by the time she was done my hands and wrists felt cool and lighter and completely pain free.  

I've never experienced anything like this before.  It's like I've been given new wrists.

Lisa Green Hanover, NH


Not initially a firm  believer, I will admit that the saging helped release what was weighing  me down and the sense of feeling lighter after the vibrational raising.  My personal business flow took a curious turn for the better... a lot of  it started simply flowing my way!

-Olivia Jaras  - Salary Coach for Women - Hanover NH


Mary is not just the kind of person you always want around you  because of her wonderful energies, she is a great healer even being far from you:  I experienced with her something wonderful: she distance saged me and  it was amazing: I was suffering from pains in my legs, the right one  particularly and she noticed that, she saged me and in just a couple of  days, after months of pain, it disappeared completely like if it had  never existed. I would love to be closer to Mary for her to sage my  house and me to release all bad energies that could be surrounded us

Ana Murray - Media Relations - Fort Myers FL 


We were having trouble in our house and our lives for  some time now and we were not quite sure on what to do.  We talked with  Mary and she suggested that we have her sage the house and us. We agreed  and had the house and us saged.  We immediately felt lighter after  being saged.  Then Mary went into the house and started to find unwanted frequencies that she was able to release from the house.  After she completed  the house and was gone we noticed that the house “felt” happier,  lighter, we were more at ease in the house.  It felt like a home again.

Andy O. South Royalton, VT