About Me


My  life work is about cleaning energy  fields...the fields of the human body as well as those contained in  other forms...such as private homes and other structures. 

I specialize  in:

  • Cleansing
  • Clearing out stuck energy
  • Clearing out negativity
  • Creating space for a fresh start
  • Moving other people's waste from your life
  • Getting rid of invisible speed bumps and road blocks on your life journey


Without your knowledge, you can be stuck or surrounded by negative forces that keep you from the life of your dreams. 

Suffocating in a space of unhealthy energies, you can be stopped from living a full, creative free life of good relationships, marked by solid health and well being. 


Beyond  working with animate objects, I enjoy entering the fascinating  relationship between musicians and their instruments.  Sitting and  listening, I raise the vibrations on a wood instrument and musician,  bringing both to the same frequency where true harmony resides.  Because  my work is with vibration, this service is limited to instruments made  of wood.  


For many of my clients, my gifts have proven especially helpful when moving to a new home, selling a property or making a house feel like home. 

For  more than 25 years, my clients have benefited in person sessions. I also offer distance healing work that proves to be just as effective.  

And even if you do not see the service here, I may be able to help you. Please email me: